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Venture capital is considered to be a type of financing that helps to fund the needs of entrepreneurs that cannot find capital from the traditional sources of lending entities. Venture capital is usually an investment made in cash for exchange of shares and a dynamic role in the vested business. Venture capital is different from traditional financing because venture capital focuses on high growth companies, invests in the equity rather than the debt of the company, takes bigger risks for higher returns, comes with a longer investment perspective, and can observe other companies through strategic marketing and capital structure. Overall, venture capital gives businesses the financial cushion that they may need to get their companies off of the ground and turning a profit.
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Venture Capital

Immediate equity investment from affluent individuals who provide capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

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Private Equity

We are constantly looking for existing, diverse, quality businesses to add to our portfolio. Current endeavors include real estate, land and hospitality ventures.

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Growth Capital

We are ready to provide growth capital that your business desperately needs to turn dreams in to million dollar realities in exchange for an equity stake in your business.

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Coaching & Consulting

We team with your business to bring fresh ideas and experienced guidance to solve real-world problems you face as a business owner.

About D&R

Think "Shark Tank" on a local scale

We combine decades of business ownership and management with an equal amount of commercial lending experience to help your business achieve success. There's no room for fat in today's competitive environment. Let our team help you achieve success. We stand ready to provide immedite capital infusion funded with equity instead of debt.